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Suluk in the Sunken Glory was an introductory essay for Shahrul Hisham Ahmad Tarmizi’s solo exhibition, which are part of our collaboration with This collaboration begin when Shahrul asks me to write an introduction to his solo. I was immediately engaged with his role as an artist and lecturer slash academician slash Ph.D. student. It was very challenging yet intriguing at the same time to find someone who put his artistic creation in this particular case as research.

As a series of events, artist talk and discussion were also held facilitated by the Kapallorek art space.

Screenshot from Looping Through the Sunken Glory Artist Talk and Discussion

This exhibition will be held until 21st February 2021. If you are interested as I am, just visit to observe Shahrul’s fascinating works and read my essay there. Hope you have an insightful thought after that. Just tell us what you think.

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