Suluk in the Sunken Glory

Suluk in the Sunken Glory was an introductory essay for Shahrul Hisham Ahmad Tarmizi’s solo exhibition, which are part of our collaboration with This collaboration begin when Shahrul asks me to write an introduction to his solo. I was immediately engaged with his role as an artist and lecturer slash academician slash Ph.D. student.Continue reading “Suluk in the Sunken Glory”


We are Back!

We are very excited to announce that we already back. It’s been (almost) five years now! We’ve been so busy managing our personal life and career, but now we think that we need something back to the community. This year, we mark our comeback with some exciting projects and collaborations. This February, we collab withContinue reading “We are Back!”

On Material(ity)

Curatorial text by Illumina Kultura for Creative Industry ¬†Faculty at Telkom University.   Download here:¬†CATALOG On Materiality

How it’s works?

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